How the program works

How the program works

Tell us about yourself
Fill in some basic information so we
can get to know you and your startup.

Selection committee
A focused group of advisors reviews your program fit.
Our objective is to be relevant to you.

A one hour orientation with one of our
Selection Committee members to introduce you
to the FOG Advisors program and answer any
and all questions you may have

Formal invitation
Companies complete a detailed company,
product, team and “wish list” profile to share
with our advisor group.

Applicant reviews
Every FOG Advisor reviews all submitted company
profiles and signs up to help those they are most
interested in and/or feel they can help the most.

   Every company will receive a list and profile of every advisor who signed
up to help. Companies will then choose who they want to connect with
and be part of their program.

Welcome to the
Fog Advisory program

Once all matches are made, the FOG team will create
a custom program (5-10 weeks) for each company.

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